English Department picAs teachers, we are constantly searching for opportunities to motivate and help students develop and practice their English language in significant ways. We believe that learning a new language like English with the help of literature and modern day technology allows learners to get in contact with the world and engage in authentic learning experiences. Having access to online newspapers, podcasts, blogs, books, video conferences, and more will encourage our students in learning English and help them develop their linguistic skills.

We invite our students to continue being responsible for developing their linguistic skills in English through these powerful tools. Let's continue reading about significant cultural issues from Afghanistan through the eyes of the book Aya, or become aware about the risks of teenage pregnancy through the book Dear Nobody. Let´s write, debate, perform, read and become as creative as we like in English.

Our blog is a showcase for what our students do in our subject, and we are proud to exhibit to all the Saint John's School community what our students work on with such dedication in our classrooms. Visit it here.